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We are entering a crucial time where society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. Without this sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential to meet the collective challenges ahead of us.

The time has come to change from linear economy to circular economy, into something regenerative – not extractive, something that recognizes the interdependence of everyone involved and the whole system we belong to.

More businesses are taking the lead in making the planet more sustainable, diverse and inclusive and committing to these results — will you join them?

We can help you define your purpose, develop and embed a company wide strategy and progress towards achieving these goals so that you can have a meaningful impact on society while creating long term value for your business.

Corporate Wellness


The power of positive corporate culture is priceless. Prioritizing the physical and emotional wellbeing of employees will create a balanced workplace where empowered employees are happier and can truly excel at their jobs pushing forward the sustainable growth of the businesses.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are great tools to build and nurture this culture.

Empower your team to an impactful wellbeing class that delivers a range of benefits and is accessible for everyone.

Employees are stressed and strive for balance between the demands of work and everything else.

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& Corporate Gifts

We pride ourselves in using natural ingredients that enrich your senses and enhance your wellbeing. Reviving traditional methods to match modern day purposes is how we create locally crafted products good for people and the planet.

No more nasties like sulphates, parabens and phthalates – only simple ingredients you understand!


Unwrapped soaps have been a game changer for the whole family as they’re package free, no nasties whatsoever and the smells are just divine! Charlene is keeping it ‘real’ about her own daily challenges and is inspiring us to keep going one day at a time and be the change we all wish to see in our beautiful world.

- Eleni Kotta

Working with Charlene was an absolute pleasure. Her thorough understanding of the B Corp process helped us to align our efforts and create a clear path to achieve certification. We hope to join the B Corp community soon! I highly recommend Charlene if you are serious about certifying your business.

- Debbie Williams

We have been collaborating with Unwrapped on raising awareness about sustainable living. Charlene is a real community leader and green ambassador inspiring positive impacts on the environment by her own example.

- Jelena Lefavrais

Having the opportunity to participate in short desk yoga sessions has been incredibly beneficial. A great way to relieve some stress, move and return to my work feeling more motivated. Charlene is a fantastic instructor.

- Brian Taylor

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