Zero wasters aim to produce as little waste as possible. It is not so much about creating ZERO waste as much as it is about limiting the amount of waste that we generate. To send as little as possible to landfill.⁠ ⁠

Currently it is impossible for me or anyone else to create absolutely NO trash in today’s society! All our purchases, directly or indirectly, generate waste of some sort that we may or may not see!

We have all produced our fair share of waste, all of which are probably sitting in a landfill somewhere on the planet. Many people have no idea of the impact of their actions, but through raising awareness and changing mindsets, we can make a difference and leave a better planet for future generations.



Environmentalist, lawyer, yoga teacher and ‘mom’ – all in one. Not living parallel lives; my work and my life unite to inspire people worldwide to live more sustainably by reducing their waste. Yoga and mindfulness are a lifestyle that further compliment a zero-waste lifestyle. I apply what I teach to my everyday life wherever I am, especially at home.

In 2019, I founded UNWRAPPED UAE, an app, blog and consultancy that advocates for sustainable living at home, schools or at corporate level. I am passionate about coaching people and putting them on the “unknown path” of zero waste.

My goal is to transform my community and my city into a place that grows sustainably, where people appreciate that this lifestyle is more than just a change of habits, it provides the fundamental core values of a life that we want to live! A life based on experiences over material possessions, wellness and sustainability. Collectively, all our actions, big and small add up to a big difference.

Be the change!

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I found this app and was so excited as this info is so needed in the UAE. It helps me to find nearby recycling centres, events and useful articles. Recommended for anyone into a less waste lifestyle.

Andrea Richardson / So Minimalistika

Unwrapped is a great source of information towards a low waste way of living. As a working mum of 3, time is precious and the app has come in handy with a ton of tips applicable to my busy daily life. It has helped my family create more sustainable habits and my boys are proud to be eco-warriors in the making! The soaps from the website have been a game changer for the whole family as they’re package free, no nasties whatsoever and the smells are just divine! I love how Charlene is ‘real’ about her own daily challenges and is inspiring us all to keep going one day at a time. Be the change ????

Eleni Kotta / Speech & Language Therapist

We have been collaborating with Unwrapped on raising awareness about zero waste living. Charlene is a real community leader and green ambassador inspiring positive impacts on the environment by her own example. Also a great person and super mum of 3 children!

Jelena / Founder of GreenFootprintUAE


Check out our handmade artisanal soaps made out of only natural ingredients along with other sustainable items for your household.



Stay updated with the latest news, products and events! Connect with like minded people and find new ways to help reduce your trash.


    Download the Unwrapped UAE app today – the app that makes zero waste easy. A simple lifestyle app with all the tools you need on the go:

    • BLOG – Inspiring articles, easy tips and recipes – all the tools you’ll need to start living sustainably.
    • EVENTS – Everything from workshops to beach clean ups – anything that doesn’t create trash.
    • SHOP – Sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and plastic free products delivered to your door.
    • RECYCLE – Find your nearest recycling centre or a specific item drop-off location.
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    Join our faboulous community today!

    Join our faboulous community today!

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