Wellness and Yoga

Your business is only as healthy as its people!

Now is the time to invest in your most valuable asset: your people. Create a positive culture that breeds success.  In this fast-paced world that demands top-level talent, you need to enable your employees to feel great and stay motivated to produce their best work.

Give them a mental break, allow them to unplug, to breathe, relax and get stronger. A quick workday yoga session can have huge benefits on the mental and physical health of your team. Our virtual and on-site classes are quick and easy to set up and suitable for everyone!

What We Offer

From one-off retreats, to regular classes or complete wellness programs, our range of workplace wellbeing services can be mixed and matched to suit your schedule and budget. We deliver a range of classes that can be delivered in person to all UAE offices and online anywhere in the world.

At Unwrapped Co, we believe in wellness without the stigma. No sutras, no chanting, no spirituality; just straightforward yoga sequences and techniques designed especially for people who work at a desk.

How does it work?



Yoga can be practiced at the desk or if space allows, in a conference room. If you have a spot, let us bring the yoga experience to you.

If not, we can do online classes or even a hybrid system can work. On request, we can help find a physical location for you.



Tine is important but so are your employees. Duration of sessions range from 15 – 75 minutes depending on class type. This can also be tailored according to your employees needs.


Yoga works for everybody and our classes are accessible to all levels. Just get your team to show up and we’ll do the rest by creating a yoga experience their minds and body’s will thank you for.

Booking a great wellbeing class for your team just got easier

Start our virtual or in-person classes today!

Desk Yoga

Desk Yoga Tall

As the names suggest, desk yoga can be practiced from your workspace in your regular clothes, either in the office or to meet the needs or remote hybrid office workers.  A great solution for busy employees or an office too tight on space to be able to participate in a traditional corporate yoga class with mats.

Desk yoga classes offer many of the same benefits you would expect from a mat class and a great way to break up the day, get moving and let go of stress, returning to their work feeling recharged and more relaxed.

What Do the Classes Involve?

Each session combines movement – a combination of standing and seated stretches – with mindfulness and breathwork for added mental health benefits. We focus on stretches and self-care practices to calm the mind and dissolve patterns of habitual tension in the body. The sequences are specifically designed alleviate the stresses incurred from long days of sitting. Easing tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck, and relieving tightness in the hips.

For best and long-lasting results, we recommend running these classes on a regular basis.

Mat Yoga

A combination of yoga poses, breathwork and meditation to help employees become stronger, more flexible and relaxed at the end of each class. This movement with breath also restores awareness to the body and helps to calm a busy mind, leaving your employees refreshed, re-energized and ready to deal with workplace stress.

Class levels range from beginner to advanced and can combine different styles of yoga like hatha and vinyasa flow to restorative and yin, and everything in between.

What Do the Classes Involve?

These classes are specifically curated with the office worker in mind and not your typical yoga studio class.  Each session will have a general focus area on relieving back and neck pain help by counteracting the stresses incurred from sitting long hours behind a computer.  Our sequences create both balance and strength in the body with particular attention the core and posterior chain, reinforcing optimal posture and breathing.

We deliver both virtual and on-site corporate yoga classes and recommend running these classes on a regular basis for long lasting results.

Mat Yoga Tall


Mindfulness Tall

A simple and effective way of supporting your team’s wellbeing by inviting them to destress and take a break from their busy work and life.  Mindfulness can improve work productivity and positivity, helping your team in improving work accuracy and the ability to multitask, along with reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, enhancing sleep quality and more.

What Do the Classes Involve?

Meditation sessions will relax the body and calm the mind and may include breath awareness, body scans, visualization. We create guided meditations that cover different topics have great value and benefit as they help employees to better understand their own struggles or what fellow employees may be going through. These meditations help to create a sense of compassion and better understanding for any employee that may be dealing with these issues and include topics such as building confidence, addressing anger, overcoming fear, loving kindness, gratitude and many other meditations.

Sessions are delivered both virtual and on-site and it is recommended to run a minimum of 4 sessions to achieve a wide reach. Meditation sessions are suitable for all levels.

Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Our corporate wellness workshops and retreat offer a great opportunity to engage, educate and inspire  your team. By looking at corporate wellness with a holistic mindset, so we understand that it is an essential ingredient for the health, performance and motivation of your whole company.

Each of our Workshops have been carefully designed to help create a communal sense of wellbeing for both office and hybrid office workers. We integrate our wellness workshops through theory and practice and offer a variety of wellness topics as well as allow the opportunity for questions.

Some of our popular topics include essential posture workshops, gut health, sound healing, clean eating, essential stress relief workshops and more.

What Do the Classes Involve?

Workshops can be held onsite or offsite and can take various forms according to your needs. Perhaps a short session integrated into a teambuilding day or a full wellness day. Day retreats are not just fun, but also helps improve employee bonds. They are the perfect break in a hectic schedule and a change in location such as the desert or beach makes the experience even more charming

Please enquire directly with us to assess your employee’s top wellness needs and create a workshop designed to address their biggest challenges.

Retreat Tall

Yoga Trapeze

Trapeze Tall

Trapeze yoga classes are incredibly versatile and one of its primary uses are for traction and back pain. Inversions decompress and realign the spine the spine and combined with a mix of yoga poses and TRX, this class hits all the key elements of a good workout. Exercises are performed using a yoga trapeze which consists of a hammock and 2 sets of handles which are suspended from the ceiling, but not very high off the ground.

What Do the Classes Involve?

Classes combine inversions, strength, cardio, flexibility and balance for a complete body workout. The class begins with a yoga based warm up and each month we focus on a different target area. We repeat the same routine for the whole month to build up stamina and strength in poses. Every class includes 3-5 minutes of traction to decompress the spine.

Sessions are delivered both virtual (if you have your own rig at home) or on-site (in limited locations).  Packages are sold as 4 sessions to get maximum benefit and are suitable for all levels.

Private Sessions

One-to-one yoga sessions are perfect for busy executives or anyone looking for the convenience of having classes tailored to suit your preferred time and requirements. Private classes offer unlimited pose adjustments and corrections that address your individual and specific yoga needs. Progress and improvement is visibly noticeable in a much faster time than group classes.

What Do the Classes Involve?

A private yoga class is an opportunity to have the practice adapted to your specific needs, so each private yoga class is different. Before the session, we’ll take the time to thoroughly discuss your needs and goals and curate a special class for you. Each day is different and for some this will mean taking lots of time to work on the alignment of basic asanas; for others, practicing more advanced asanas that don’t often come up in group classes.

Sessions are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced and we can accommodate all styles including vinyasa flow, ashtanga, strength, yin and other styles.

Please enquire directly with us to ensure we have someone available in your location or book your package here.

Private Tall

What do our clients say?

Charlene's classes are an essential part of my week. They can be challenging or chilled depending on how I feel, Charlene is a great teacher.


I can’t recommend Charlene highly enough! She has really transformed my posture and my mindset.


I was never interested in yoga until I found Charlene. Finding a teacher that resonates with you is so important as I have tried so many classes in the past but never enjoyed them. Now I can't imagine life without yoga.


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